Why Malta?

Malta – Long sunny days with a climate that’s  great for filming all year round.


Malta is rich in historic and cultural diversity with an equally strong film heritage.
The Maltese archipelago is Malta (the largest island), Gozo (the smaller, more rural, sister island) and Comino (the tiny virtually uninhabited island between the other two) There is a well-connected international airport and two major ports.  Malta’s excellent weather, English-speaking and well-trained work-force and its varied locations make it very attractive for film-making.
Malta is a European Union member state, with a strong economy in a politically stable environment, unlike many other locations around the Mediterranean basin.  Within a small geographic area, many different world locations can be portrayed.
Malta’s deep historic links with its last occupying power, Great Britain, has created a a bilingual society, with English being the primary business language.
We are serviced by one of the worlds best airports with a mixture of Low cost and Flag carriers flying to Malta from across Europe and the Middle East many times a day.   Good fast-ferry and shipping routes also mean that equipment and trucks can also easily come to Malta.
Malta can offer you the look and feel you are after and we at Pineapple are positioned to ensure that you hit your target, on time and within budget.