Filming Locations

Midnight Express, Troy, Gladiator and World War Z are just a very few of the productions that used the new, old, urban and rural locations lying in close proximity to each other. Malta has also doubled for a number of countries. Italy, the French Riviera, Egypt and the Middle East are all to be found here, amongst many others. Malta’s crystal-clear waters combine with the Malta Film Studios marine tanks to also provide the best marine filming facility in the region.
Short internal travel times, generally no longer than 40 minutes (excluding ferry transit times to other islands) mean that Malta is easily accessible for productions needing to cover varied locations in any given day.
Malta is located 80 Km south of Sicily, 284 km east of Tunisia, 333km north of Libya, and its land mass is 316 square kilometres. It consists in an archipelago of 3 major islands. Malta  is the largest, Gozo is the smaller island 20 minutes north west of Malta, and then there’s Comino virtually uninhabited, sitting in between Malta and Gozo.
Malta is fairly hilly with no mountains or rivers and spectacular high ocean cliffs on the southern coast. There are deep valleys, sandy and rocky beaches, rolling country side and sheltered bays and inlets and caves all around the islands. There is a vast array of unique geological formations, such as rock arches in Gozo.
The authorities in charge of the various locations are used to the needs of film productions and work closely with us to ensure that productions go as smoothly as possible.

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