About us

Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the show does go on.

Pineapple has been around for 6 years and counting. It is the result of the partnership of Roger Zammit and Ben Borg Cardona, whose can do attitude combines with their network of talented collaborators to ensure that any project is treated with the utmost attention.

Co- founder, Production Manager, CEO
Roger’s attention to detail and problem solving makes him the ideal Production Manager with years of on-set experience. He also has a financial background that ensures that he knows what is needed to make a production run smoothly and on time while being financially efficient with the available resources.Budgets and dirt bikes don’t tend to mix with a lot of people but with Roger this just works.
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Co-founder, Line producer, DoP
Be sure that if a camera is around Ben won’t be far off.  A well known cinematographer in the local scene with a long and acclaimed photography background, Ben worked his way to the top of his game through years of perseverance.He has a wealth of knowledge in anything technical and camera related.That’s not to say that he doesn’t get down and creative as his work speaks for itself. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the show does go on and if the hours get too long just give him more Red Bull.
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Keith Albert Tedesco
Creative Director
Keith graduated with an Honors degree in Communications in 2012 from the University of Malta and later pursued a Master’s degree in Film and Media at the University of Copenhagen where he focused his studies on direction and acting techniques.
Keith has since directed 3 short films; Him & Her, Ambivalent, and In The Name of Bjorn, as well as multiple TV commercials. On every production Keith utilises writing, directing and acting techniques he learnt through his studies to showcase his flair for creativity and absolute love for cinema.

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But it’s not only us, our amazing collaborators make it happen.