Pineapple Media is a full service production company in Malta, dedicated to meeting client needs with the highest standards of attention.  Roger Zammit and Ben Borg Cardona have been in the business since 2011 and their can-do attitude combined with their skills and networking to make Pineapple Media the go-to company.

Pineapple has been organising productions for years, working for local marketing agencies and for international productions.
Our knowledge of the Maltese market and our network of resources mean we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  We work and have excellent relationships with the best suppliers. We deliver the best possible service at the most competitive price.  [read more]

Pineapple is extremely proud of its reputation.  We deliver end-to-end high quality production services. We are the organisers, bringing together the right team with the right budget for any scale of project.

We have a great team used to working under tight deadlines with results that speak for themselves. [read more]


One of our key services is equipment rental. Our networks across Europe ensure that all manner of equipment is accessible to us.  If it is available locally or from rental houses world wide we have the sourcing, shipping and insurance infrastructure to meet every request. Our response time is second to none. [read more]

Malta is rich in history and cultural diversity with an equally strong film heritage.
The Maltese archipelago is Malta (the largest island), Gozo (the smaller, more rural, sister island) and Comino (the tiny virtually uninhabited island between the other two) There is a well-connected international airport and two major ports.
Malta’s excellent weather, English-speaking and well-trained work-force and its varied locations make it very attractive for film-making.   [read more]
Midnight Express, Troy, Gladiator and World War Z are just a very few of the productions that used the new, old, urban and rural locations lying in close proximity to each other.
Malta has also doubled for a number of countries. Italy, the French Riviera, Egypt and the Middle East are all to be found here, amongst many others.
Malta’s crystal-clear waters combined with the Malta Film Studios marine tanks  to provide the best marine filming facility in the region.

Malta’s crystal-clear waters combine with the Malta Film Studios marine tanks  to provide the best marine filming facility in the region.

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The Government is fully committed to give logistical support and financial incentives to productions filming in Malta. The key point of contact with the Government is the Malta Film Commission which is based at the Malta Film Facilities.

The Commission is often the first point of contact a production will have in Malta and we have an excellent relationship with them. [read more]

  • Pineapple has been developing and organising productions for years, both for local marketing agencies and for international productions working in Malta.
  • Our knowledge of the local market allows us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients on a regular basis.
  • We work with the best suppliers in Malta and have very good personal relationships with them, meaning we deliver the best possible service at the most competitive prices.


We strive to achieve the highest quality by taking advantage of the latest technological advances and techniques in the industry.

Service Providers

We take care of the logistics so you can concentrate on the shoot. We’ll see to all your logistical requirements, find your crew, source your equipment, and cover your shipping, transport, accommodation and any other needs. We’ll also make sure that your financial resources are deployed in the best way to receive the available rebates and savings in Malta.



One of our key services is film equipment rental. With networks across Europe we can source all types of equipment, locally or from rental houses world wide. We have an infrastructure of shippers, agents and insurers ready to cover every request and our response time is second to none.


In house Productions

Over the years we have gained the experience needed working on various productions. We deliver high end video productions at affordable costs. Every job is different so please {contact us} to discuss your project.


About Us

Pineapple has been around for 6 years and counting. It is the result of the partnership of Roger Zammit and Ben Borg Cardona, whose can-do attitude combines with their network of talented collaborators to ensure that any project is treated with the utmost attention: every project is a top priority for us.


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